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    Favorites option for WebHelp

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Does anyone know if I can build this into a WebHelp system? If so, how? I'm using RH X5.02

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          Roger N Level 2
          Jim -

          As you are aware, your web pages aren't allowed to simply write to the user's machine, unless it's a cookie, or you download a file. So, if you are willing to save those favorites in a cookie, yes, it can be done. Cookies, however, are subject to being deleted by the user intentionally, or being deleted automatically to make room for other cookies, or being deleted after three years just because...

          Here is an old demo for writing user information to a cookie; it's javascript, so it can be adjusted, if you want (and can) to add the current URL, to read that list of URLs, and to display them in a drop-down menu:


          Click the "Open Contents, Search and Index" button at the bottom to see the entire frameset, and to see the " Take a C-Note" link at the top, to try it out. You may have to navigate back to that page again; it's a maintenance issue... I haven't updated it in quite a while.