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    PHP with FW RPC

      I read the article about "Discovering the Fireworks RPC server – Part 2" and I'm trying to create a PHP code to call FW RPC but it is not working.

      What I found is that the flash example that autor gave is not works when you put it in a HTML code. You can try to export the file as a SWF too and run it with the Flash Player, and it still not working.

      Does anyone knows why? Is there any configuration to FW accept this calls from any programs?

      I've tried to open the port in the Windows Fireworks but this is not the problem, because the socket can be oppened but the calls do nothing.
        • 1. PHP with FW RPC
          Hello i'm a german people, i have this Problem to.
          Do you have an answere found?
          The RPC-Debugger Tool is funktional correct in my system but the PHP fsockopen not.

          Pleace contact me.

          Ich benötige für die nutzung des RPC feature ein PHP beispiel.

          Ich versuche seit tagen über PHP (fsockopen) Fireworks zu steuern.
          mein ansatz dabei ist:

          $str="<func name=\"createDocument\" obj=\"fw\" />";
          $host = "localhost";
          $port = 12124;
          $conn=fsockopen ($host, $port, &$errno, &$errstr, 30);
          $put="GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nContent-type: text/xml\r\nContent-length: " . strlen($str) . "\r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n" . $str . "\r\n\r\n";

          echo $errno . "=err";
          echo $errstr . "=estr";
          while(!feof($conn)) {
          echo fgets($conn, 2048) . "";


          Leider ist keinerlei Reaktion im geöffneten Fireworks zu vernehmen ausser das beim schließen von Fireworks die meldung erscheint das ein externes Programm noch eine Aufgabe ausführt.