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    variable problem

      Hi, I am making a quiz in flash and the variables are loaded externally (through flash vars) that's not the problem as that part works properly, for each question there are 5 variables (loaded from the html doc) they consist of a question, three possible answers and the answer (stored as either 1,2 or 3)
      So when someone clicks on a possible answer (three different buttons) the button executes a code (at bottom ):

      the global.q1answeruser is the answer of the user (1,2 or three corresponding to the buttons which make the variable equal 1,2 or 3 then go to another frame where the above script is executed) then the frame goes to the correct screen or the incorrect screen etc. Problem is that any answer I click on it goes to the correct screen. Checked all the frames and stop(); stuff and all that. Need help.