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    Sharing *.html files

    AlScott9028001 Level 1
      Well the main project is working and printing perfectly. However Management in their wisdom have requested another version.
      This project will be nearly exactly the same as the original, but is missing some of the "chapters".
      So what works perfectly is to create a new project, and on a within a new TOPIC create an external link to the original - so that as the original is changed the revised version obviously displayed in the other modified project - as does all the related links.
      However it does does a problem as the link is defined as, for example:
      But - you do get a problem where it's referred back to the C:\ path, thus causing problems when the project is transferred to the server.
      Anyone got an idea how to get around this situation?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          The only management requirement is that some of the topics in the project are not required in the new project? If so why not just exclude them those topics using build tags?

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            MergeThis Level 4
            Can you establish whether these projects will always be loaded into the same directory structure? If you can, you could make the link(s) relative, not absolute, just as you would when linking between folders in a single project, or linking between projects in a merged project.

            For example:

            A link from: C:\my_project\folder_name\Department_Manual.htm
            to: C:\my_project\otherfolder_name\Company_Manual.htm
            would be: href="../otherfoldername/Company_Manual.htm"

            Good luck,
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              AlScott9028001 Level 1
              Thanks Leon,
              I'll try your idea too. I'm currently working on a copy of the current file to try these ideas- currently I'm using Peter's, but I now can see where I was going wrong with my linking syntax!
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                AlScott9028001 Level 1
                This is odd -
                I've created a conditional build-tag called FINANCE, and one called EVERYTHING ELSE. So I've assigned FINANCE to just that Dept, and all others get the EVERYTHING ELSE tag.
                No when I compile it using the criteria, it does work perfectly - with one exception. The resulting build gives me the Finance Dept, but also one of the other depts - it's always the same one....'Food and Beverage' which of course falls under the 'EVERYTHING ELSE' tag.
                I cleared all the Conditional Build tags before doing the above, and saved the project before going any further.
                This only happens for the web based version, generating *.DOC, *.PDF using the same tags does not exhibit this problem...
                Now I'm confused......
                Any ideas folks??