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    using LW to export w3d

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1

      I use lightwave to export to the w3d format;

      in LW I have a surface that has a color channel;
      the color channel has a texture option - which I use;
      the texture option allows for multiple layers( number of layers will be N ), where a layer can contain a texture.jpg, etc

      PROBLEM once I import the w3d into director, only the N'th layer of any texture shows up in Director;

      my goal is to have layered textures, where the layers are set in LW;

      any thoughts
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          walfridson Level 1
          Can be tricky! 3dpi is a must anyhow, check it out http://www.3dpi-director.com/
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            duckets Level 1
            First check you model's shader in director. It may be that all your texture layers are present, but they are set to '#replace' mode, so each is covering the last.

            Try this in the message window (after importing your w3d):

            put member("myscene").model("themodel").shader.textureList
            put member("myscene").model("themodel").shader.textureModeList

            If your textures appear to be present in the textureList then the problem lies in adjusting the texture layer settings in lingo. If they're not there, it may be that your exporter doesn't support mutiple texture layers.

            It's worth noting also, that while shockwave 3d itself supports multiple texture layers and multiple sets of UV coords for each layer, the W3D file format doesn't support multiple sets of UV coords. So if you're applying multiple texture layers where each layer has different UV coords to the last, you will need to use workaround techniques to apply the additional sets of UV coordinates.

            hope this helps!

            - Ben