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    UI Design Workflow for AS3

      I'm a long time Flash developer and being primarily an artist/designer, Flash has actually helped me understand programming concepts as Actionscript has grown.

      I'm currently trying to migrate to AS3. I have the demo of Flex builder but I personally don't like the 100k+ overhead from wrapping everything in MXML. Don't get me wrong. Flex is interesting and I do standard web design as well so I wasn't totally lost. As to not rely on Flex too much (the demo will run out before I figure all this out) I've opted for an Ant build approach using Flash 9 alpha to draw any elements I need and then compile with the SDK + command line.

      In Flash I'm so used to creating clips and subclips and arranging them beforehand such as a custom button with a sub-clip for a background. I DO have experience creating a UI by code alone but I'd really like to know if you can reference an instance already there. When I place another 'instance' of any kind inside a clip, etc I get :

      ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property btnbg on com.darklight.ui.DLBtn.

      btnbg is an instance of an item from the Library called DLBtnBG. I've tried with and without setting that item to export and that isn't helping. There are quite a few reasons I can think of as to why but I'm sure the answer is much simpler than all of them. Granted I'm still understanding this new DisplayList idea but it seems odd that such a generally 'standard' workflow in Flash wouldn't be carried through in some way.

      I'd appreciate any help since this seems to be the major speedbump in migrating to AS3.

      Brian Gilbert
      Darklight Studio