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    populate a Tree with db info?

      Hi all, Not expecting anything more than a bare bones description of how it might be done, but would it be possible to take this example at the bottom of the page:


      so it loads in data from a db? I have a table with 3 items, gallery id, gallery name, and gallery parent. I'd like to be able to have the tree display the proper gallery as loaded 'live' from the database.

      For an example of what I mean, I used the CF/Flex extension to build an administrable version, but I need to link everything on the pages themselves with a tree, for navigation purposes. Here is what I mean, if you click the 'addnewgallery' button: http://shawngibson.com/test/bin/main.html

      (just grab the bottom right of the panel, I haven't changed the layout to house it properly yet because it's just for learning purposes; you can open it up to see the table.)

      What, in general terms, do I need to study to change the tree to be populated with this info from the gallery table in my database?

      Trying to get a front end (user interface) and back end (db) to connect to a middle when I don't understand the middle is my weakest point right now.