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      I have used ajax lately and have found it works perfectly for current html,css,JS webpages which is most of them.
      I don't believe that it does images or animation close to flash.
      I can see how with css being more popular than a few years ago that it really came along at the righ time. To do things in flash requires a whole rewrite of a webpage for a dynamic load display.

      I do think ajax is a better choice than flash for most uses to be honest.

      What do people here think about flash.
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          Flash is God's gift to designers.. =P

          i havent used ajax at all, but i have seen what it can do...and the ray-tracing is unbelievable... but thats too advanced for me, so i stick with 3D Studio MAX.

          although Action Script is my prime learning focus at the moment, then after maybe MAXscript, or give Ajax a try.