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    Connection issue

    dave appleby
      I'm new to this game so go easy please!! I've been trying to set up a new connection in Contribute 3 to a website and can only get so far as selecting the remote path information. This is where I am loosing the plot. I have all the correct connection information for the standard FTP e.g. server name, passwords etc. I understand that, if all these details are correct & the permissions on the site folders etc are correct, then Contribute should pick up the site folder. It does not apear to be doing this. However if I click the "choose" button, I have the ability to manually select the public_html/ folder where the site resides, so it has obviously found the right directory etc. It will then go through its "ftp diagnostics" process only to come up with the error "Cannot verify your connection information".

      This is where I get lost as it will quite happily set connections with other websites on the same host, with exactly the same structure/permissions etc.

      Help please for a nOOb!!