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    Sorting tree items manually

      I am trying to allow the user a way of shifting through items in a tree 2 levels deep. This will give the user a chance to order the items within the tree so they can be sent to word in the desired sequence. I have working code for shifting through items at the lowest level but I can't get it to work correctly for the folder level items. I have some code that works okay but has a little problem. I found that if you stick with moving one folder up the tree then you won't encounter the problem. However, if you switch to a different folder to move then you will encounter the problem sooner. The problem seems to be copying a portion of the tree and appending it to the end. I don't know what exactly is happening! I was hoping that someone could help me out on this.

      Does anybody know a way to do this? Ohh yeah and I would like the selectedIndex to stay with the folder selected as well.

      Thanks for your help.