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    Installing AIM Event Gateway

    kenji776 Level 1
      Hello everyone. I am trying to get the AIM gateway written by Leon oosterwijk to work on my cold fusion server. I have read the readme a million times, and no matter where I place the files, cold fusion always reports
      "Error creating gateway type.
      Unable to find or load Gateway class com.oosterwijk.cfmx.Aimgateway"

      I have the the JAR file (imgateways_v0.4.jar) in C:\CFusionMX7\gateway\lib\
      I put the com and oosterwijk folders in C:\CFusionMX7\gateway\src\
      I guess the main thing I'm having problems with is understand where the coldfusion classpath starts. Like it asks for a path but I do not know how absolute the path needs to be. I tried example from the readme, but the guy who wrote this was using a java install or something. Mine is just the basic regular install with nothing special. Posted below is the relevant portion of the readme.