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      I have a template in three languages. Right now it only shows the german version. The two anchors (see picture) indicate the english and french template. How can i make these templates visible as well? When I click the anchors I can only see the code.


      Thanks you for your help.


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          Ken Binney Level 6

          The HTML5 protocol would be to give the anchor/bookmark an ID and target that in your link.

          It has been supported by most browsers for several versions

          <h1 id="en">English</h1>

          with the link being

          <a href="#en">English</a>

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            Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The anchors are there, but the css display is set to none for the elements the anchors are supposed to be bringing you to. To see them in Design View, you will need to change a setting in your preferences.


            Go to Edit > Preferences > Invisible Elements > put a check on CSS display:none


            From there on out, you'll have a small icon in Design View representing that content with display:none. You can then double click the icon to make the content appear for editing.


            EDIT: Forgot to mention, to get the content to be hidden again after editing, make sure the element with display:none is selected, right click and choose Element View > Hidden

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              robynw62329053 Level 1

              Thank You Jon Fritz II exactly what I was looking for!!! THANK YOU