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    SWF with XML control file

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      My Client has supplied me with SWF files that use XML files., is it possible to import within Director if so anyone know how..?


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          I think that if you leave the Flash file external and link a cast member
          to it, instead of fully importing it, it will find and load assets as
          long as they are in the same relative location.
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            The problem is that the xml content can't be viewed or it can't be read. This is a problem just in HTML. In the projector everything is fine.
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              DAVID NAJAR Level 1

              I use Flash assets and XML files all the time and you just need to check the path to find the XML files and some security restrictions on the shockwave player.

              First if the flash file is linked to the director movie the path to the XML file is relative to the flash file, if the flash file is fully imported to director movie the path is relative to the .dcr or .exe director file. Second and most important if you have to get access to local files on the shockwave player (web browser) you have to put all the application contents or just the files to be readed by the . dcr file on a folder called “DSWMedia” only files on this folder can be read on the local machine (Ok, not so true, also the pref files and others) by the .dcr file. I think it is the reason why you don’t have any problem on the .exe Director file but on the .dcr file it doesn’t work.

              Have a nice day.