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    Flash Self Training

      I would like to know if anyone has purchased the flash basic library training for 99.00 on this site and is it worth the money?
      Also do you get to have access to all the topics in the program for 99.00 or is this not the case? I am new at Flash and looking to self train and will purchase if its worth it ...any imput is helful...thanks....Mandi
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          Hi Mandi,
          I would suggest doing the tutorials/training that comes with the Flash Docs first. Then depending on how much you learn from that, you might not want to pay for anything basic, and spend your money on more advanced tutorials.

          I'm self training too, mainly with the Flash Docs in the begining.( I still reffer to them quite often ) and lately, i've been a regular on this forum, where im learning alot more, alot quicker.
          reading posts in here just leads me in different paths. If i read something interesting, i either join in, or go on my own and look into it.

          and you can always ask for help or guidence in here. People are verry helpful.
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            graphicchick Level 1
            Thanks for your reply can you suggest any Flash Docs to get me started? Thanks again....Mandi
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              Sketchsta Level 1
              Yeah, open Flash, and press F1 to bring up the Help menu. At the top you can see a pull down menu with categories, just pick Tutorials and Samples.

              from there you have:
              Getting started with Flash.
              Flash Tutorials
              Flash Samples

              I started on Flash Tutorials in the begining, but constantly had to go back to Getting started with Flash.
              I dont know how much experience you have with Flash now, but that is up to you. Just have a go with those, and like i said, if you have any questions, just post them here and someone will help you out.

              In my oppinion, you should get started with ActionScript as soon as possible. As I have found out, ActionScript makes things sooo much more interesting, and if you're making Web content, the file size of your project will be reduced quite abit.

              but start with Basic ActionScript, you dont want to start reading something advanced, and get scared off because it doesnt make any sense. =)
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                graphicchick Level 1
                Thanks for the info again! Yes so far everyone has been so helpful here I had posted a few questions on Dreamweaver and they helped a great deal I like to also help when I can...I will try the actionscript Basic and see how it goes ...I worked a little in Flash but not enough to build a whole site yet I build sites in Dream weaver...but thats basic... OK thanks again!
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                  Sketchsta Level 1
                  ahh the good old WYSIWYG, =) I still use it sometimes, but these days, im makin full flash sites, so theres not much need for it.

                  to build a whole flash site isnt all that hard, what i do is, i have a main Template, then accross the timeline spread out keyframes for the pages in the site.
                  make all the pages separate swf files, and just import them from the Template swf.
                  If you want to look into this, look under:

                  MovieClipLoader; class
                  loadClip() method
                  and a emptyMovieClip to load the swf into.

                  thats basically all you need to import external swf files.
                  If you want any info on how to apply them just ask.. it's quite straight foreward, you'll learn it straight away.
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                    graphicchick Level 1
                    Thanks for the info...I was wondering if you could help me with something I made a flash movie and have text (as a symbol) that fades in and out with a motion tween ..Looks all good when I press enter and view it on the screen but when a publish it and bring it to Dreamweaver cause that is wear I am building my site and I view it , the fading text is just regular (The animation is there but not the fading). Heeelp!

                    Question 2: I have in the same Flash movie a Globe that goes to small to large and I want the client to click on it to go into the next html page....Now how do I do this? I am new and so confused I tried to convert to symbol to a button but I don't know what to do from there? Heelp ...OK Thanks again My friend any help is appriciated!!!
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                      Sketchsta Level 1
                      hey Mandi, hows the learning process?? good I hope!

                      ok for the first problem you have, the fading text, I have just tried it, and it works on my end.. the only possible reasons i can think of at the moment is, you may have your text set to Dynamic Text... I have had afew problems with animating Dynamic Text in my time...to fix this problem i use Static Text....

                      The other possible cause would be your publish settings... Have a play around with the settings and see if it helps..
                      I'll try afew more times with fading text, and using it in Dreamweaver, see if ia can spot your problem..

                      for the second issue, with opening a new html wndow from flash..
                      use this code for your button:

                      //on the timeline
                      globe_btn.onRelease = function(){
                      getURL(" http://adobe.com", _blank);


                      //on the button
                      getURL(" http://adobe.com", _blank)

                      If you want to open the new window in the same window as the button, replace _blank with _self
                      for future info...you can use any of the following for getURL function.
                      _self, _blank, _parent, _top

                      That should do the trick...

                      hope this helps.. =)
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                        graphicchick Level 1
                        Im Going to try this and see if it works thanks...I am not good with the code though? I never was taught HTML or CSS or know any Java I am trying to teach myself...I am so confused...I know I need alot of help...LOL Thanks again for your help...Mandi
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                          Sketchsta Level 1
                          Thats ok, you'll get to understand code well soon enough, all you need is practice.

                          the code i gave you before...

                          //on the button...by this I mean to click on the button on stage, then open the sctionscript window, and type the code.
                          As you can see the code starts off with: on(release)
                          basically this is the event...when a user clicks and RELEASEs the mouse button, what follows the code inside the { --- } will be executed.

                          getURL(" http://adobe.com",_blank);
                          so what this code means is, when the user clicks and releases the mouse button, the function getURL is called, which then it goes to the page you specify inbetween "---", and after the comma ( , ) you specify whether you want to open the new page in the same window (_self) or a new window (_blank)

                          thats all that code does..

                          the next code I said, is exactly the same, except you dont put the code on the button its self. you put the code on a frame in the timeline, Idealy on the first frame to make it easy to find..

                          the beginning of the code is:

                          where globe_btn is the NAME of the button you want to do things, so we call it by name and tell it what to "listen" for.. onRelease... same as before, only no (---)

                          next we tell the button, when you encounter a onRelease action I want you to do this...

                          globe_btn.onRelease = function(){

                          same as before, the actions you want the button to do, go inside the {---}

                          globe_btn.onRelease = function(){
                          getURL(" http://adobe.com",_blank);

                          and we give it the same actions to execute..

                          these two pieces of code do exactly the same thing...the only difference is WHERE the code is placed.
                          if you want your code on the symbol itself you have:

                          and if you have the code on the timeline. you have to call the button by name, ( you can set the Instance Name in the Properties pannel at the bottom and left of the screen)


                          hope this gets you started on which method you would prefer to use... either put the code on the instances themselves... or have your code on the timeline..

                          remember, just practice, and you'll get it..
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                            graphicchick Level 1
                            Thanks I am going to go home and try this!!! If I have any more questions Ill ask ..Thanks Again..Mandi