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    RoboHelp6 vs RoboHelp server6

      Hello all,

      I just received my installation CD for RoboHelp 6! Yippee do da! I am all excited...
      However I am having some doubts on whether I was delivered the correct software and the Adobe support team (sorry guys) are absolutely useless at giving me any sort of support. I contacted the US, French and UK support team, their sales team and tech support and not one person was able to give me an answer to my problem, so I thought that in the forum someone might be able to answer me... So Adobe support team, please get up to date on RoboHelp issues please!!!

      So here it is: when I contacted the Adobe store they told me that by buying the upgrade version of RH server 6, I would receive the basic version of RH6 as well as the server application (exactly like when purchasing RH X5 Pro for .Net). However I just received a box with one CD with only the RH server 6 setup files.

      1. Is this normal? Aren't I supposed to receive RH6 as well for that price?
      2. Why would anybody buy RH server 6 without the basic RH6? This does not make sense to me, unless one is running several websites in which case they would need several engine, but for one RH server licence, would one not need at least one RH office licence?
      3. Can I publish an RH X5 project to RH server 6? If I can't, again why would one upgrade the server application and not the office application?

      Finally check out this page on the adobe site http://store.adobe.com/store/en_xeu/popup/software/robohelpserver/new_features.html. Do the first 4 features not imply that RH 6 is included in an RH Server 6 licence?

      Any info on this matter is most welcome...

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Not sure on this one but I have asked Adobe to comment. Does anyone else know for sure?

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            Cro1410 Level 1
            Thanks Peter. Highly appreciated.
            PS: just clicked on the link I included in my original thread seems to no work so here is the content of the page:

            New Features
            New Features in RoboHelp Server 6

            1. User-defined variables
            Define global variables for certain text elements; change a variable once, and RoboHelp changes all other instances of this variable in your Help.

            2. RoboScreen Capture
            Capture screens, edit screen captures, and export images to common file formats with the new built-in screen capture and image editing tool.

            3. FlashHelp Pro support
            Easily publish server-based FlashHelp projects.

            4. Streamlined publishing
            Synchronize publish operations by re-publishing only those help files that have been modified since the last publish operation.

            5. Remote administration
            Manage projects, user accounts, and groups through an intuitive web interface or directly from the RoboHelp Server tab.

            6. Reports
            Generate detailed reports of Help usage activity.

            7. Simplified server deployment
            Easier set-up and installation of Adobe RoboHelp Server components.

            8. Database connectivity
            Connect to Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, and SQL Server 9.0 databases for scalability and redundancy.
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              mhuadobe Adobe Employee

              a) If you own RH X5 Pro for .Net you are eligible to purchase 2 upgrades: RoboHelp 6 (the authoring tool) and RoboHelp Server 6. This means you will be purchasing 2 products if you want the new authoring features of the new product line.

              b) Help applications created in RoboHelp X5 can be published to RoboHelp 6 Server without any modifications.

              c) You can publish an RH X5 project to RH server 6. Also, please note that natural language search is currently not available in RH 6 Server. Over the last few years, keyword search has become more popular (similiar to popular search engines) and customers are more comfortable typing a few keywords rather than typing a complete question. There is no impact to performance. End-users can continue to use the search functionality, in their preferred method.


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                Cro1410 Level 1
                Mike - Thanks for this information. This is what i thought but just was not able to conceive that it actually was true...

                For Adobe - Guys, you should really make this issue clear on your website and inform you vendors that this is the way to update. It is not clear in any way and I just a lot of time just getting an answer.. Not counting the time wasted now waiting for the RH 6 update to be delivered. Also, maybe you should think about selling the bundle upgrade. It is indeed totally ridiculous, at this stage, that a person would want an upgrade for the server application without the authoring tool upgrade.

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                  johndaigle Level 4
                  Hi folks.
                  I'm not an Adobe employee, but I've written an article for the Adobe Developer Center that is due to be published tomorrow (Monday, Feb 19).

                  The article "Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 improves the feedback loop" discusses some of these issues.

                  Also, check out my response in this thread where there were some similar questions.
                  Hope this helps.
                  John Daigle
                  Evergreen, Colorado
                  Adobe Certified Instructor for RoboHelp, Adobe Captivate andAcrobat Connect Professional