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    actionScript for custom video player

      I deeply apologize for my ignorance in regards to Flash, saying that there is an issue that I'm having and that is, when I bring a embedded video component on to my stage, weather it's a video 8 player or display,for some reason or another, when I go to 'test' my movie, the video isn't showing up. I have pointed to the path and url and I have placed the fla in the same path as the flv, but I get nothing.... Can someone PLEASE give me some guidance and/or direction. WHAT I'm ultimately attempting to do is create somewhat of a video player sort of like the one that's on the front (home) page of ADOBE's webiste. You know, were it reads 6 of 6, meaning the 6th video of video total video and once you click it, that video is played in the player or window.....Thanks so much for the info and knowledge.....


      p.s. Also, I need to know if there is a component out there that I can download and pull up in flash in regards to the scrollbars...? I want to add scrollbars to certain areas of the page that contains a lot of text.... The scrollbar that I'm interested in are the modern pill shape ones with the aqua color sort of like the ones ADOBE uses......Text
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          U seem to have three questions
          1. FLVPlayer not working in Flash 8
          2. How to duplicate a video player on the Adobe web site
          3. Scroller component to include parts of the page.

          In general a good support link is Adobe Flash Video

          For #1. Be sure the FLV is not corrupt or improperly encoded. A possible plan is to get a sample flv you know works and then use that. The FLV component on a new Flash movie is generally a simple app.
          For #2 If you want to use the FLVPlayer component in Flash 8 Pro you will need to add your own status to provide a video playlist status and you can via Actionscript create an Array with the flv file names that will reset the contentPath property when the FLVPlayer reports FlvPlayer.complete event. See the example at the link. Otherwise you may need a custom FLVPlayer to match the look and feel you want.
          For #3 There are components for Flash available freely and for sale on the internet. Inside of Flash you might want to look at the ScrollPane component.