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    Have LR 4, Windows 7. Sent to prints to Costco but color not correct.  Need settings to compare to my actions.


      In Color management I used:

      Profile Adove RGB(1998)

      Intent: Relative


      Print To: JPEG

      Print sharpening Standard

      Media Glossy

      JPEG Quality 100%


      The processor said that it must be my computer screen that is off.  Have not had a problem in the past but not sure the settings I used in the past.  When I print using my Brother printer, it is fine.  Using Costco, all colors are dull, almost like a gray sheild over them.


      Please tell me the proper settings for sending to a print processing service like Costco.  I am working on family reunion and will process over 800 prints.  Runing out of time.