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    Possible to degrade an X5 project to X3 properly??

      I'm a Japanese localize engineer who ususally receives a source (Engilsh) project created in X5
      and has to localize it in X3, the latest Japanese version of Robohelp.

      In these kinds of localizing scenarios, is there any way to degrade the project from X5 to X3 properly
      so that the project could be localized preserving the source settings such as skins and other important

      My localizing process used to begin with opening an X5 project in X3 from its hhp, not xpj (since
      xpj is a new file extention introduced in X5) but now I have found that in X3 the project-related files
      would be loaded into the project according to the ppf file while they would be loaded according to
      the fpj file in X5.

      This would cause a problem because an X5 project usually contains an old ppf file and this would
      generate inconsistency from the source project if the project is to be localized in X3.

      I have tried to re-create a new ppf file for X3 from a fpj but looked like it didn't work.
      So if anyone knows anything or has the same experience, please let me know.

      Thank you.