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    MovieClip: Change "focus"?

    Gr3g!! Level 1
      Hi! Im quite new to using actionscript & got a bit stuck...
      Im using the attatchMovie command
      _root.AttatchMovie("mymovie","mymovie2",1) but I need to alter part of this to allow two seporate movies to be opened, (and change the movie which is displayed at the front when someone clicks on either movie.) The problem I'v found at the moment is that if I have two movies each on a diferant layer e.g. ..."Mymovie2",1 then ..."anotherMovie2",2 One always appears ontop of the other. If on the same layer e.g..."Mymovie2",1 then ..."anotherMovie2",1 only one movie shows as it is simply replaced.
      I need the user to be able to swap between the two