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    Captivate 7 recording out of sync


      Originally Captivate 7 recorded perfectly with no issues at all.


      However, since I trialled 8 I have had issues.  I have been in contact with Adobe and they did not solve the issue.  Spent ages on line with them and now they will not respond to any ticket in support!


      Essentially, if you record a software simulation.  I used Excel for this as it was easier to see what was going on.


      If I click on cell D4, you would expect the output to show D4 being click (although you get the Select Book1 caption) yet it clicks around D2.  When you click on B for bold on the toolbars, it shows it clicking at the side of the font group and the caption says Click the Font group.  Captivate 8 has been removed and I have uninstalled and reinstalled 7 and it is still the same.


      It is almost as if it is recording at one resolution but the system is in another, yet I see no options for that.


      I am now running way behind on several projects that I need to be completed.  Recording as is takes ages to sort out and I may as well be just print screening and putting together in PowerPoint, as it is currently in a better situation than captivate.


      This was my first real issue with the product and Adobe themselves have been terrible in sorting it out.  No longer responding to tickets through their own system is just unprofessional!

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          LeighHarris Level 1

          Don't worry, seem to have answered my own question!


          As I looked further into it, the issue came out as I now run most things through my HD screen so the resolution was high.  A quick try at dropping the res for a test showed it working as it should be.


          Thanks for looking and hope it helps anyone else with similar issues.