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    Creative Cloud Subscription is a huge pain and a lot of loosing time


      I intented to buy complete one year subscription with selecting prepaid option. However site is not working correctly, it chanced my order as each month payment type and got montly payment. I am currently seeing the transaction. I immediately sent emails about this problem to Adobe Turkey. The page says they will return in 24 hours. I think it meant next year plus 24 hours...  They never replied. They are lazy, they are NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT in Turkish market. I called a number which I somehow had found on a page and somehow canceled my subscription. I am currently expecting to have a refund the amount that Adobe charged. I cannot inform this issue so far. No contact, no customer support, just wasteing my time on reading their site again ad again. I am very dissapointed with Adobe Creative Cloud. I am not thinking of buying any of its products until they provide good customer service and especially clear web page