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    Deleting Unwanted Paragraph Separators

    Jack Level 1

      One section of my book contains unwanted paragraph separators between pairs of elements.


      Looking for instructions and examples for correcting situations like this. Any comments/pointers appreciated.

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          Jack Level 1

          Have never had opportunity to use inDesign paragraph rules, but wonder if a rule is exactly what is needed here, to avoid use of a paragraph separator between two elements of a table of contents.


          Each photo in my collection of photos has captions and descriptions. Caption is displayed under each photo in main body of book, and temporarily (see below), a description below and to right of caption. on the same page as the photo


          In back of book, a "pseudo-table-of-contents" (psTOC) is intended to display page number, caption and description of each photo, in that order, in a single paragraph.


          Caption and description are styled uniquely, and displayed with photo. On publication, description will be hidden (by changing text color to "none"). A descendant description-style for use in psTOC will remain black, however.


          When generating the psTOC, what is now happening is that, while caption is rendered right after the page number (as designed), the description (specified without page number) goes into a separate paragraph.


          What needs to happen is that the description follow immediately after the caption. At present, each description begins with a period and space for just this purpose. Another nice feature would be create a rule that adds the dot-space, to avoid that artifact in the description text.


          If you could show me how to accomplish this, would be grateful.