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    Virtual Reality style project

    Aaron Hudson

      I'm currently trying to develop a project to be able to walk around a house and click on different items within the house. I've got a model from 3D Studio Max, imported it into Director and I'd now like to be able to walk around the house and click on different items, for example a couch, and make an event happen... hot spots I believe?

      Also, I need to be able to deploy such within Flash or a Visual Basic application.

      Any ideas or links to point me in the right direction?

      Thanks in advance!
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          tedalde2 Level 2
          You won't be able to put Director into Flash (however you can put Flash into Director). For Visual Basic, this is the topic that can get you started: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_12993

          Picking hotspots involves using the command modelsUnderLoc or modelsUnderRay. Something like this is needed in a script on the 3D sprite:

          If you're not into heavy coding, maybe some of the Library behaviors can help.
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            Aaron Hudson Level 1
            Thanks for the response, I guess my next question is, if I've got a 3d model from 3ds Max, how do I go about being able to navigate around it (via Shockwave, in a website) and be able to click hotspots then... much like the Wonderville game?

            Thanks in advance!
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              tedalde2 Level 2
              You'd export a W3D file from Max. You can select options that will affect how your scene will look and play; textures, etc. Then import the W3D into Director, and place the W3D on the stage/in the score. You can then apply behaviors to the sprite from the Library for camera movement actions and triggers. I've never used the Library extensively, but I think the behaviors work OK. You can also apply the script I posted above to get "picking" info for the W3D scene; if you click on a model named "yourCouch" then you can catch that and do something else. After you're done, you can export DCR and HTML files and your project will run in a browser using the Shockwave plugin.

              There's also a person who posts here sometimes who maintains this site:

              Again, I've never used it but it looks like something you could use.