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    Why do certain clips (photos), viewed in preview, on Adobe Premiere 11 look different on YouTube?

    My Adobe Premiere 11 Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I've posted, via Adobe Premiere 11, two different music videos on YouTube and on my Facebook page. The first one, "Back In The Day", looks the same on YouTube (and Facebook) as it did when I viewed it (previewed it) on Premiere 11. But the second video, "Wicked World", that I posted on those internet sites, has certain clips (photos) that look different than what's seen on Premiere 11.


      With "Wicked World", it almost looks like certain Panned & Zoomed photos are bigger in size than what the YouTube screen can show?


      I used Pan & Zoom on some photos in both videos. But maybe with "Wicked World", I always set the "Hold" times to zero (0) when using Pan & Zoom on some photos. Or could it have something to do with the Track Size on the "Wicked World" Premiere 11 video? BTW, I see that by right clicking in an empty part of the track, the Track Size choices come up as small, medium or large.


      Or is it something about upload choices on YouTube? Two different friends helped me with uploads to YouTube for each video, so maybe the first one, "Back In The Day", looks OK because that friend chose proper upload choices?


      If you have time, or the inclination to see the difference for yourself, you can go on YouTube and type in on the search bar, "Wicked World Bob Fuchs". You'll see both a head shot of me playing harmonica for one YouTube choice, and a painting of Van Gogh as another way to get to the "Wicked World" problem video, and the "Back In The Day" good video.


      Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Once I find out why "Wicked World" photos slide partly off the YouTube screen, I will delete it from YouTube and replace it with an issue free one.


      I just want to learn what caused that, hopefully, so I can avoid that problem going forward.



      Bob Fuchs


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Bob Fuchs


          Please verify if you are using the Pan and Zoom Tool for applying pan and zoom effects to your photos or whether you are instead keyframing the Motion Scale (for Zoom) and Motion Position (for Pan). It looks to me like it is the latter which is usually done under Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded where you find the Scale and Position properties.


          Explanation to follow based on the details of the pan and zoom.






          Add On...Thinking about your thread most of the day and now wonder if you were doing the pan or zoom effects using fx Effects/Presets/ and either the Horizontal Pans or Zooms or Vertical Pans or Zooms; whereas the early work used the other techniques mentioned.

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            My Adobe Premiere 11 Level 1

            Hello A.T,

            Thanks so much for replying. In my problematic "Wicked World" video, I only used the Pan and Zoom tool on some of the photos. No keyframing was done.


            But after viewing the video a few more times on YouTube and my Facebook page, I think I can better explain what I see that may be the cause of the problem:

            I no longer think it's just an issue with pan and zoom on a few of the photos. Every single photo (clip) in  the video looks approximately 25% smaller in frame than the size of the YouTube and Facebook "screens" that are showing it.

            EG: When the photos that have a pan and zoom effect move through the YouTube and Facebook screens, a black border around the clips (photos) shows up, at the beginning and end of each clip. But also, photos in the video that have no pan and zoom effect show a black border around them in the YT screen, too. Seems like the YT and Facebook screens are a bit larger than the size of my video that's being shown on them. Maybe this is a scale issue in my video?

            That's why I wonder if adjusting the "Track Size" in the video is needed? I think the Track Size is currently on Medium (now as the Default position?). If I change the Track Size to Large, do you think that fixes how the video (and photos) are seen on YouTube - fully viewable and filling the YouTube screen, w/o a black border around the visuals?

            And to further reply to your question, I am not keyframing the Motion Scale (for Zoom) and Motion Position (for Pan). I'm just doing Pan and Zoom on several photos. I'm still a novice at this, and have not yet done any key frames.


            Hope this further explanation of what I see as the problem helps your thoughts on how to hopefully correct the problem.

            Best Regards,Bob Fuchsrobertjfuchs@yahoo.com

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              Changing the Timeline video audio tracks size to Small, Medium, or Large will not affect what you are seeing in the

              Edit Area monitor and later on in export. Video audio track size relates to a frame visibility issue at the track level. So, we can

              factor that out.


              What is going to matter -


              Do you want black borders around your image in the Edit area monitor space or do you want your image to fill the space in the Edit area monitor? If you want a "fill the space", then

              a. your project preset (project settings) needs to match the properties (including frame size) of your source file

              b. you have the Edit area monitor Magnification set to "Fit"....right click the monitor, select Magnification/"Fit".

              c. in Edit Menu/Preferences/General you have a check marker next to "Default Scale to Frame Size"....if you do not,

              then you can right click the file of interest on the Timeline and select "Scale to Frame Size".


              The focus is the Edit area monitor space which is created based on the project preset setting description which you (manually) or the

              project (automatically) set based on the properties of the first file dragged to the Timeline.


              Now that I know you are working elusively with the Pan and Zoom Tool, I will see how I can reproduce what you have done that you do

              not want to get to what you do want.


              To be continued....



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                My Adobe Premiere 11 Level 1

                Hello A.T.,

                First of all, thanks again for your latest reply. It's so great that a novice like me, on Adobe Premiere 11, can get help from a pro like you!

                I have spent more time viewing my video on YouTube and Facebook, so that I can hopefully be even clearer for you about what the issue truly looks like.


                So, in response to the things you brought up in your new latest reply:

                a) I do not mind having black borders in the Edit area of my Adobe Premiere 11 monitor space, when I am creating a video full of pan & zoomed photos. But my Premiere 11 video then still shows that smaller, bordered "box" when the video is viewed on the larger YouTube and Facebook "screens". And, as the photos (clips) that I panned & zoomed move through my smaller bordered box, on the larger YouTube and Facebook "screens", then my entire bordered box, itself, moves through those larger social media internet screens, vertically! It makes my video look amateurish. (And, I am!)


                b) It seems I do already have the Edit area monitor Magnification set to "Fit".

                c) In Edit Menu Preferences General, I do already have a check mark on "Default Scale to Frame Size". And if I RtClick on one of the photo clips (files) that I have used pan & zoom on, I see an option called "Scale to Frame Size". If I click on it, then that pan & zoomed photo gets so large that only the first part of the photo, where I began my pan & zoom, plays out within the Timeline seconds that I've allotted for it. The photo gets too big for me to use, that way.

                d) Finally, as you mentioned, the properties of the first file that I dragged into the Timeline (which was just a Title Screen from "Titles & Texts), shows the following: 1920 Horizontal, 1080 Vertical (I guess, as you said, that was the scale automatically created for all subsequent files - clips/photos). BUT, the scale of later pan & zoomed photos (files) that have the YouTube & Facebook viewing issue are: 648x599, 676x599, etc. plus a GIF file that shows as 175x264.

                I'm wondering if the "fix" here would be to revise the Vertical and Horizontal properties of my project preset to somehow match those of YouTube and Facebook? Is that an upload to YT issue? Under "File", the "Export" letters are greyed out, so all I can use to upload to YouTube is the "Share/Publish" button on top.

                Anyway, thanks again A.T. for your new reply on YT and Facebook viewing issues in my video, esp. on pan & zoomed photos. I thank you also, in advance, for your plan to try and recreate the pan & zoom/smaller box than YT screen issue(s).

                I look forward to your response and I hope the info I've provided above is helpful, for any additional suggestions to hopefully figure out the problem.


                Best Regards,Bob Fuchsrobertjfuchs@yahoo.com

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                  My Adobe Premiere 11 Level 1

                  A.T.please note:


                  After sending you a previous email reply to your latest response, I am forwarding a new thought.

                  I just tried out something you had suggested. I think it may solve the issue I have with the panned & zoomed photos on my "Wicked World" video - the ones that look weird when I view the video on YouTube (and Facebook).

                  So, in case you also think the following may be the answer, I will now copy and paste relevant parts of my previous email, PLUS include my new thoughts - in order not to waste your valuable time looking into an answer I may already have.

                  Here goes:

                  The Premiere 11 Edit area monitor Magnification had already been set to "Fit".

                  In Edit Menu Preferences General, I already had a check mark on "Default Scale to Frame Size". 

                  The properties of the first file (a Title screen) that I dragged into the Timeline are 1920 Horizontal, 1080 Vertical. But properties of subsequent photos, some of which I panned and zoomed, are mostly only around 648x599.

                  Upon viewing my "Wicked World" video carefully on YouTube, I see that what actually happens is that the box-like area where my video is shown (probably the same size of my Premiere 11 screen edit area?) is smaller than the YouTube's screen viewing area. That does not bother me. However, when the panned and zoomed photos occur, my smaller box area, within the YouTube screen, itself moves along with the panned & zoomed movement of the photos! That inner box moves slightly vertically, either up or down, and to lower right or left, depending on which direction the pan and zoom of each photo is going. And an empty border around the video area hangs there, within the YouTube viewing area.


                  So ... as you talked about, I tried something: I replaced an existing panned & zoomed photo (clip) in the Timeline with the same photo, and then I clicked on "Scale to Frame Size". The photo got bigger. I then did a new pan and zoom on it, and reduced the duration of how long that photo clip plays. Therefore, although the pan and zoom happens faster, it cues to the proper places in the music (audio) track. And I'm guessing that the larger "Scale to Frame Size" on that photo will now show properly in the YouTube viewing area, without the smaller inner box area moving too, along with the panned and zoomed photo?


                  I have only done this on one of my previously panned and zoomed photos in the video. But if you think this may solve the viewing issue on YouTube, that I described above, then I'll do the same with all the previously panned and zoomed photos in my video, and save it as a new version on Premiere 11.

                  I guess I'd then try and delete the existing "Wicked World" video from YouTube, and replace it with the new, hopefully issue-free version.

                  What do you think? Should I try this, and then replace the old one on YouTube?


                  Best Regards,Bob Fuchsrobertjfuchs@yahoo.com