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    RoboHelp + Sharepoint

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      Ok -- So I've got this SharePoint running under the HTTPS protocal. It's in my Network Places, but not as a standard \\computer\share\ as I would expect; no, sharepoints are a little screwy so it just lists the full https://www.sharepointserver.com/mywebdirectory -- and I can access all the subdirectories & everything else from there.

      The problem comes when I try to set up RoboHelp to publish to this mysterious webserver in the sky.
      The Choices: FTP, HTTP, Frontpage & Filesystem.

      FTP won't work cause -- go figure, not an FTP server.
      Both HTTP and Frontpage don't work because RH automatically places protocal as "HTTP", without the S -- connection refused
      Filesystem -- oh this one is the one that really gets me. So I can click the "Browse" button, Navigate to Network Places and I can see the Sharepoint directory just sitting there... when I try and click OK on it though, the Destination Path text box doesn't change... If I select any other network place it updates it fine... So I try the same format, \\server\share\, where server is www.sharepointserver.com, share is -- oh let's say mywebdirectory -- and I get an access denied error.
      Probably the closest I got to get it to work.

      So, questions:
      Has anyone successfully set up RoboHelp to publish to a Sharepoint?
      How did you do it?

      Right now I've taken the long route and just Genreate & Copy over to the sharepoint whenever I need to -- But ideally I'd like to set it up to publish as that saves copious amounts of bandwidth.

      Thanks !
      -Tyler Waters
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          Hi Tyler,

          I do publish my help on SharePoint. The below may not work for you as there may be different settings in you SharePoint server/site.

          In RoboHelp - In the SSL's output I've entered the path and the file name (\\Help\version\TypeA\WebHelp\Index.htm). Rather then browsing to the desired folder, enter the path there or copy - paste the path from the windows explorer (open the SharePoint site in Windows Explorer and locate the folder you want to publish your help, copy the address from the "address bar" and paste it in the SSL) and generate the help. The output should publish direct to the SharePoint site.

          In SharePoint - I've created a web part which has links to the webhelp and I've also uploaded .rar(.chm) so the users can download the help.

          Not sure if this would work for you, I would recommend checking that you have admin rights to the SharePoint site.