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    Delay command within Indesign script


      I have a problem with "delay" command in a script.

      If I launch the script in AppleScrip Editor the delay is in effect but if I launch the script from Script Palett of InDesign the delay command is bypassed.


      There is an InDescign script command that suspend the execution of script as delay command


      This is the script


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"


          if (count documents) is not equal to 0 then


                  set mySelection to selection

                  set myTextClasses to {word, text style range, line, paragraph, text column, text, story}

                  if (count mySelection) is not equal to 0 and class of item 1 of selection is in myTextClasses then

                      exit repeat


                          set Risposta to display dialog ("Select a text") buttons {"OK", "CANCEL"}

                          delay 5

                  end if

              end repeat


              display dialog ("No document opened.")

          end if

      end tell