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    Trust ALL root Certifications in Windows not working for non-Admins on Terminal Server

    d_mathis Level 1

      I have been trying to setup a verification process that will allow us to us Active Directory Certifications to verify signatures. I have finally found the setting to use the Windows Store after not getting Adobe to query our Certificate Authority. It works great on our local desktop where users have Admin access, but when users do it on our Terminal Server it does not allow it. I thought the issue was access to a configuration file in the Adobe directory, but I found the setting in the Registry set correctly. But does not work correctly. One additional note is I had noticed that after I enabled it on a Non-Admin, is Adobe would say it crashed after I shut it down.


      My question is what type of privilege do you need, or maybe Adobe need to access the Windows Cert Store from a Terminal Server with a non-Admin because it is not validating after confirming the Setting is enabled.