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    Why doesn't "Remind Me" work in FP 16/17 on Windows XP/7?


      Hi there!


      Under Windows XP or 7 (any variety) I installed FP without issue and normal functionality.


      However, when a new version of FP is released from Adobe, I am not notified even though that radio button is selected,

      both in the installer and confirmed selected in the Control Panel.


      I have tried using the Adobe FP uninstaller on all systems and cleanly re-installed with the same result.

      This problem is not just limited to FP, but AIR and Shockwave, as well.

      BTW - Have 3 Win XP (32-bit) boxes and 3 Win 7 (64-bit) boxes - all with the same issues. Different vendors.


      Not *once* have I received an update notification anywhere in Windows.

      I need to check every week manually, or use a utility to advise me if the version is old. It's a real pain!


      What might be the issue here?

      Does the browser have something to do with it?

      I mainly use IE and FF.