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    LR5 versions, catalog compatibility and latest non-cloud version

    tfboy Level 1

      I've been using LR3, then 4 now 5 - I was running 5.3.


      However, my HDD crashed so I rebuilt my Win7 OS, reinstalled LR5, but it's now the cloud version (which I don't have a licence for). Even more frustrating (or maybe it's a blessing in disguise), my LR5 catalog is NOT compatible with LR5.7.1 ?!? It says it's too old.


      I've searched, but cannot find any documentation saying there's a compatibility issue between different versions of LR and when I upgraded from 4 to 5, it managed a catalog upgrade. Now I'm doing a "minor" upgrade, it cannot read it ?

      Where is there a compatibility matrix showing which catalog version can be read / upgraded by which LR versions?


      Bearing all that in mind, I think I'll stick to my previous non-cloud version of LR, but my question is which version should I use and will it be compatible with my catalog backup.


      Thanks in advance (and sorry for my rant )