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    conditional expression playing havoc on dropdowns

    argus08 Level 1

      We have two related projects (RH10) that have two types of dropdowns. H2s are dropdowns that have twisties. There are also dropdowns for "for example" and "show screen" that have a separate hyperlink style that includes an image -- I'll call these "other dropdowns".

      In my project, all works just peachy. In my coworker's project, some of the "other dropdowns" don't work in the output (they're fine in the preview).

      Long story short to condense an afternoon of frustration testing scenarios:

      • She remembered that she added conditions to her project. There is no conditional text in any dropdowns, however there is conditional text in the topics where these dropdowns are not working.
      • If I generate without applying the conditional expression, all the dropdowns work fine.
      • If I generate with the conditional expression, the "other dropdowns" do not work in any topics that have conditional text (but do work in any topics that have no conditional text).

      Many thanks for any ideas from anyone whose brains are functioning better than ours on a Friday afternoon...