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    Images and text disappeared and small square appeared in center of those pages

    ElenaTopaz Level 1

      Hello - A very mysterious and disconcerting thing just happened to a document I was working with and I was wondering if anyone had an explanation. I'm working with a doc about 35 pages long, all different sizes, and I noticed that most of the images and text had suddenly disappeared from the last 1/3 of the pages in the doc. Not all of the images and text had gone away, only about 75%. It seemed to be completely random which images had disappeared and which hadn't. Then on the pages on which content had disappeared, I noticed that if I dragged across the page it highlighted a small blue square right in the center of the page (the color of text boxes and bounding boxes). It looked kind of like a bounding box handle. It definitely wasn't just a marker marking the center of the page or of an object. Clicking on it didn't seem to do anything.


      Luckily I was able to revert and get the previously saved version, but it gave me a good adrenaline rush for a second and I'd like to know what to do if it happens again. This sound familiar to anyone?