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    CHM Compatibility with Windows Server 2003

      I have just finished creating the first draft of a CHM help file with RoboHelp HTML, and it works well on the machine I have been using to write it, as well as several others. When I tried viewing it on our production machine, which runs Windows Server 2003, I received the correct Table of Contents and Index, but all pages displayed the standard "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. Right-clicking on the page and selecting Properties told me that it was displaying res://ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff_webOC.htm.

      I have checked the RoboHelp specifications, and indeed the standard version of RoboHelp is not compatible with Windows Server 2003. I had assumed, however, that this meant I could not run the program on a Windows Server 2003 machine, not that I could not run the output.

      Is this error caused by a compatibility problem? Would it help to upgrade to the Server Edition, or resign myself to using separate HTML files? Or is it another issue?