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    Automatic conversion from PDF to FlashPaper

    feiloiram Level 1

      I have never worked with flashPaper. I need to be able to show a pdf in my browser-window without depending on theADOBE pdf-reader and moreover the clientsettings of the browser in relation to the pdf-reader.
      I was hoping to view the pdf in a flash-movie embedded in my html-page but I have just learned that this is inpossibe.
      Another solution is converting the PDF's to FlashPaper and show this in the flashmovie.

      The question is, can the conversion be automated. Suppose I screen a folder every 20 seconds for pdf-files. If there is one or more files availble than make a copy of it in swf. Is this possible?

        • 1. Automatic conversion from PDF to FlashPaper
          Yes. If you run the FlashPaper.exe file with the file to convert and specify the output file name with a -o flag, you can do it via the command line. What this does is launch Acrobat Reader, load the file, and print to SWF. It isn't elegant, but it works.
          • FlashPaper.exe MyFile.pdf -o MyFile.swf

            The problem with simply sticking this into a loop is that the command returns immediately, even though the conversion hasn't completed yet. Since Acrobat Reader is actually doing the conversion, you have to wait until the PDF file exists before you process the next file.

            Here is a Perl script a co-worker found that basically does this for a folder, recursively. Move the source and output files elsewhere and pop the whole thing into another loop and it should go indefinitely. It is pretty simple, and should be easy to convert into the scripting language of your choice.

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