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    Scrollpane Image Resize?

      When you load an image into the scrollpane via the contentPath it displays the image full size, ie if the image is larger than the scrollpane window you get scroll bars so that you can view the complete image.

      Is there a way to resize the image so that it fits into the current scrollpane window?
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          mstone Level 1
          One thing that I have discovered is that the scrollpane apparently does not resize when new content is loaded into it. It scales to accept the first data that is loaded into it and then doesn't check again. Since you need to load the content before you scale it, this presents a problem because the scroll bars will scale to the original content size and not the altered size.

          So you should use a holder mc as your default content ,sized to fit the desired scrollpane, then load your final image into that holder and finally scale your image.

          Hope that helps.