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    Remoting Help

    emansouri Level 1
      I am looking for some help getting Remoting working in Flex Builder 2 and am interested in finding documentation or code samples that may exist for using Remoting with Flex Builder using something other than Cold Fusion or Java on the backend.

      My backend coding environment is predominantly mod_perl, and with Flash applications, I have a simple framework that uses an open source Remoting module called AMF::Perl.

      The ActionScript 2 code I use in Flash is very simple:

      var dataObject = {a:1,b:2};
      var gatewayConnection:Object = NetServices.createGatewayConnection();
      var myService:Object = gatewayConnection.getService("myCommand",this);

      function myCommand_Result(result:Object) {

      // return from server is housed on result object


      I am looking to migrate this to ActionScript 3 so that I can start using Remoting in my Flex applications versus the legacy model of HTTP POST variable transmission I've been stuck with.

      Thank you in advance for any recommendations.