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    Lightroom 4?


      I am using the current version of Lightroom, is it ok to delete the Lightroom 4 catalog?

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          elie-d Level 4

          The first time you launched LR5 it should have detected the old LR4 catalog and asked if you want to convert it to make it LR5 compatible. If you answered yes, it made a copy of the catalog and converted that, leaving the original LR4 catalog untouched. So if you do now have a converted catalog that opens with no problem in LR5 and retains all the work that you did in LR4, you can delete the original.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Yes if you no longer wish to use LR4 and or if you have already uninstalled LR4. When LR5 first opened is detected your original LR4 catalog and converted it to work with LR5 along with making a new LR5 catalog. So if you no longer use LR4, have uninstalled LR4 you can safely delete the LR4 catalog file along with the LR4 Previews folder and any backups of the LR4 catalog.

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              nealedel Level 1

              tthe L4 catalog is much larger then 5, so it must not have converted? How do I convert now?

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                The original LR4 catalog is left Untouched when LR5 does its conversion. LR5 See the LR4 catalog, Makes a Copy of it and converts that copy to a LR5 catalog.


                If when you open LR5 you see all the images that were originally import into LR4, IE your older images, then LR5 has already done the conversion. There is no need to do it again.

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                  nealedel Level 1

                  Thank you!

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                    deepakg1988 Adobe Employee



                    Yes you can remove the Previous version of the Lightroom.

                    As the new version of the Lightroom is installed and launched it automatically upgrades the catalog used by the old Lightroom and saves it as a copy in the very same location.