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    Interactive Webcomic Creation


      Hey Edge Community,

      I just wanted to make people aware of a project I'm working on and if someone is doing something similar. I hope that the problems/information I post will lead to discussion, or be helpful to someone else.


      Using Edge, I'm creating an interactive webcomic that uses.gifs, videos, and basic clicks to tell a story. The first act is about 20 pages, which I hope to finish for my senior thesis due in May.



      • Pages made for iPad Retina display resolution (2048x1536)
      • Based on narrative importance, panels will be still, loop as .gifs, or click to play as video.
      • Speech bubbles are animated within Edge.
      • Camera moves simulated in Edge
      • Table of Contents that jump directly to a page; link externally



      • Built, "Animatic" with temp art, .gifs, videos, and pans (sort of) work
      • Forward and Back buttons to cycle thru pages one at a time. This is done by nesting pages and coding an array.



      • All of the page art is nested in one file, so it's huge. It crashes constantly and is incredibly slow, greatly impeding workflow.
      • Cannot play multiple .gifs on one page, not sure why.
      • Importing .pngs causes aliasing issues (white barriers around art) but I'm not sure if that's a photoshop exporting issue.
      • Wish it played better with Photoshop animation files, as it does with Flash spritesheets.


      I plan on finding out a way where I can do 20 separate files and then have a master file that calls to each one. Hopefully that will solve the size issue.


      Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful, informative, or at least interesting! Please reply if you have any suggestions, critiques, or questions!