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    How to Get Proper Video Screen Captures (Screencasts) of Lightroom or Photoshop in Win?

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hello. I would like to get proper screen captures of Lightroom on Win 7/64, showing all screen elements as you see them. I tried FastStone Capture 8 and SnagIt 11.1, but they have various differing issues. Do you have a good hint?


      In my screen capture, i want a mouse-click-sound each and every time the mouse is clicked. This is not "system audio", because the computer doesn't play a sound for every ordinary click. The capture software must add that sound. (I'm aware i can add the sound manually in post production, but want it recorded together with video.)


      Experience with Faststone Capture 8's video captures:


      • I get well usable footage
      • Does optionally record mouse-click-sound for each click, with adjustable volume
      • Does not properly record some elements of Photoshop or Lightroom screens:

      - cursors sometimes look rough or double-sized

      - Lightrooms "TAT (Target Correction Tool)" disappears while being dragged on the image

      - the color selector box of Lightroom's Adjustment Brush is not shown, while the cursor working within that color selector box is shown

      - Lightroom's three-second-splash-message after Undo etc. is not shown

      (All these missing elements do show up in *still* captures with Faststone Capture. They also *do* show up in video captures done with SnagIt.)


      Experience with Snagit 11.1's video captures:


      Does properly capture all those elements that FastStone does *not* capture (listed above)

      Does *not* optionally include a mouse-click-sound for each and every mouse click (they record "system audio", but a sound on every click is not "system audio")

      Videos are less smooth, cursor sometimes "jumping"


      Now do you know a screen capture software for Win 7 that can

      • properly record *anything* that's seen within Lightroom and Photoshop
      • and automatically add a mouse-click-sound for each and every click i do
      • and produce smooth footage without "jumping cursors"?


      Thanks for your real-life experiences!