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    Dynamic Multiple Dropdown menus

    macnimation2 Level 1

      I'm building a new inhouse Video Training DVD for Distribution to Engineers around Europe, and so far its working great.

      To save and preserve RealEstate on the Interface I want to be able to provide a Dropdown menu system across the top to give navigation across all levels of the courses.

      At the moment I provide a seperate Movie as the "Menu" or, the first Intro movie plays and then automatically jumps to the next movie, which would be on the timeline at marker points. There is a Menu system on the right which allows the user to skip to each marker where a different Quicktime movie is placed.

      Up to now this works a treat. But my attempts at the three way dropdown system have failed.

      The first dropdown menu determines the course section, the second would then change to the lesson topic and the third would then provide the different lessons for that topic and then it would play.

      To describe what I need to achieve can be seen on the new Total Training Video DVD's which uses Director MX 2004 to create the DVD which I came across this morning.

      I see that there is a text file that has all the Courses, and then the Lesson Topics and then the sublessons. This would be ideally what I would require, so I know it can be done, but not sure how to create the lingo that attaches the text file.

      Has anyone seen these DVD's, or can anyone point me in the right direction?