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    Importing Word, TOC all links broken

      I've searched through some of the other posts here hoping to find a solution and it seems as though a few people have had similar problems, though I haven't been able to locate a solution.

      I am importing a Word document that contains a working TOC into Robohelp X5 to create an HTML Help document. The import process successfully brings over everything, including the TOC, but all the links on the TOC are broken.

      I enlisted the aid of a local technical writer who has done work for us in the past on this same project. She is utilizing an older verison of Robohelp (4.0 I believe) and she does not have this problem. We successfully imported the SAME word document into her version of Robohelp and it properly linked the TOC.

      Per other posts regarding this topic, I have read through some of the pages on www.grainge.org, but didn't see a solution to this. Admittedly, I may have skimmed over it.

      Any insight on this would be most appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Dominick

          Are you certain the links are broken? I think I'd try compiling/Generating and see for certain. The reason I'm suggesting this is because sometimes RoboHelp will falsely report links as broken when they actually work.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Dom_M Level 1
            Hey Rick,

            Thanks for the suggestion.

            I just tried compiling, but no luck. After compile all the help file shows is the default "First Topic" page as if it was completely empty.

            If I use the auto-generate TOC feature, it builds a TOC that works, but does not retain the heading/sub-heading structure of my original document. It's a 400 page document I'm working from, and if I have to, I can manually connect the TOC to the pages, it just a LOT of grunt work that I was hoping to avoid.

            Any other ideas?

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              Here's an idea that MIGHT work. What if you take the Version 4 system where the import worked correctly, and then import it into X5? I would think that would do the trick.