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    How to split tables

      Any experts out there who know how to correctly split tables? I need to insert images part way through a table so to be able to centre them, I can't have them in the table.

      I don't see a split table command, so have entered code </table> then <table> to end and restart my talbe. The following table then adds borders around cells, and I have set cell borders and table borders to ;'none' but they still show on screen. \When I test the page they don't display, but it would be easier to follow if they didn't show in the WYSIWYG editor either!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Bob@BGL.
          What you are doing works. However you could try just added a new row to your table, merging the cells into one, and adding the image to the new single cell and aligning it. Maybe quicker than splitting the table in the truecode.
          When you say the new table border "shows" except when you "test" it, do you mean that the actual border colour shows in the WYSIWYG or just a greyed out border. If the later, this is normal to allow you to see the cell/table border size used.