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    Flex 2 Target Platforms

      I've been using the trial version of Flex Builder 2 for a while now. Besides some minor technical issues, it seems like a great way to create Flash content. I love that everything is a simple text file and easy to version. I also love the integrated Flash detection and upgrading.

      However, it has come to my attention that version 9 of the Flash player is not available for all platforms. More specifically, the actual Flash Player SDK (which is available for third-parties to license and embed the flash player) is only at version 7. My understanding is that Flex 1.5 targets Flash player 7, but that product is no longer available from Adobe.

      The above fact is the reason giving on the Opera forums for why they only provide Flash version 7 for the Nintendo Wii:


      The above post is pinned at the top of their "Opera for Wii" forum.

      My question is does anyone know if Adobe has an official policy concerning providing the latest greatest Flash player to third-parties? I hate to be paranoid, but the official line about "user are able to upgrade" does not handle all cases. If I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, fork over the $500, and commit to using a development environment for Flash, I'd like to know that my content won't be restricted from certain platforms (who knows even possibly ones that I might create by licensing the Flash SDK myself). At the least, Adobe could continue to support older versions of development tool until they have brought their own offers up to the same level.

      Am I missing something here? Any and all suggestions welcome!