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      Hi All,

      We have been struggling with this for days! We have our application running over secure HTTP and have been able to get RTMP working as well. However, when we try and configure RTMPS, the application will load, but immediately hangs. The security cert is installed correctly and there are no errors in the logs. (THIS IS OVER THE INTERNET. ACCESSING LOCALLY WORKS)

      When we do a netstat -t (on linux) we see inbound messages in the queue, but it appears as though the server is not reading them. When I connect to the machine from within the firewall, it works, but from outside, it does not. We have put the machine in the DMZ and put it directly on the Internet without a firewall, and it still hangs. So, it's not the firewall. Is there a latency issue with the Internet? We've made sure that SELinux is disabled and there is no firewall on the linux box either. If there were, I would think that the it would also hang when accessed from within the firewall. This has become very frustrating indeed.

      You'll see posts from my development partner below regarding security certificates, etc. So, we think we have this right.

      We are running Fedora Core 6 linux and Tomcat 5.5. FDS is 2.0.1. JVM is Sun 1.5.0_04. We've tried 1.4.2_12, but that didn't make any difference either.

      We are at our wits end. Any help would be GREAT.