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    elements organizer: Geo Tags - why not in the meta-data ?

    elenah49342484 Level 1

      Hi again,


      Some of my Photos have geotags (i.e. GPS-Information) in the meta data. Elements Organizer finds it - all right.


      Now when i put a Geotag to a photo (without GPS-Information in the meta data) with elements organizer it also works, but there is still no Information in the GPS meta data.


      Why is that?

      Where is the GPS Information stored, when not in the metadata?


      Thanks to all!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I do use the Elements Organizer, but not to great extent.


          So, please review the following and then let me know if you have been there and found that already.


          If I setup a photo GeoTag in the Elements Organizer 13/13.1, after that I see

          a. The description of the GeoTag itself in Tags/Place Tags

          b. When I select the GeoTagged image in the Elements Organizer browser, the Image Tags information

          for that photo is shown at the bottom of the Information/Image Tags column at the right.

          c. The GeoTab information appears as a caption under the zoomed in photo in the Elements Organizer Browser.


          If the GeoTab image is saved as in Photoshop Elements 12/13.1 and imported back into the Elements Organizer, the GeoTagging is recognized.


          I do not see GeoTab information elsewhere in the Elements Organizer nor in the Photoshop Elements Editor

          (File Info or other) at that point.


          Please remind me if you have Photoshop Elements 13/13.1 as well as the Premiere Elements 13/13.1. I need to explore

          the possibility of adding metadata into the program by pointing to Photoshop Elements Editor/File Menu/File Info. If that is at

          all possible, it looks like you are facing creating xmp templates. Have never been there and done that.


          In the Elements Organizer itself, I suspect what we do not see is being supplied by the Elements Organizer catalog behind

          the scenes. But, please check out the Elements Organizer 13 Help PDF Chapter 6 Adding Metadata to see if there is anything

          there that you do not already know.




          For the best possible answer and not assumptions and any unlikely scenarios from me, you are probably best served putting this GeoMapping question before the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum people if you do not get some Adobe help on this.

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