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    Can you use frames in a movie clip object?

      In Flash professional 8 you would just create a visual object convert it to a movieclip (which in turn created a movie clip object) then just right click a frame in the time line and do whatever.

      Now in action script 3.0 you can create a movieclip object and it has all these methods for moving through each frame within that movieclips timeline, and lots of properties for reading what frame you are on, how many frames there are, frame labels adn so on. but how do you excatly GET to those frames, (yes, yes I know there is gotoAndPlay and gotoAndStop) what I mean is how do you create each frame, or place a movie clip in a particular frame with in that movieclip object using AS3.0? Ive looked and I can't seem to find a way to do that.