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    InDesign index — how to import a list of topics into the Index window


      I was searching for the answer to my question — how do I get a simple list of key word topics into the InDesign index window without manually typing them all?


      I found the answer after much searching, and thought I'd repeat it here and maybe it would be easier for someone else to find.


      The answer was posted by John_Shanley:


      Type up your list of topics in a text box in InDesign, then select all and type shift+Command+Opt+[


      All of your topics in the list will appear in the Index window (found at Window – Type & Tables – Index).


      Delete the original text box and the links to the text box list that appeared in the Reference tab of the Index window will disappear.


      The Topics tab of the Index window still has the list of topics, and you can then start inserting the index markers in your document.