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    Is Flash install a virus or malware?


      Why does your Flash install behave like a virus and/or malware installing unwanted programs on my computer and changing the homepage of my browsers?  This is not the way your install program should behave.

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          pwillener Level 8

          From where did you download that installer?

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            In a sense, Flash emulates malware since they don't tell you that during their frequent updates they sneak McAfee crapware into your download.  This breach of trust amounts to a desperate customer betrayal as they know you're 99% not likely to catch the very fine print and look closely for where you can opt out of downloading this useless piece of junk (so they can make a few pennies off your trust) -- and perhaps, in the case of elderly or inexperience users, many will end up falling prey to McAfee's deceptive practices that push their sub-par software on people who don't know any better.  It seems the only way McAfee can sell its crap is to confuse and trick hapless users into surrendering their credit cards out of fear.


            Adobe should be ashamed of its petty practices as it reflects poorly on the company.