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    text threading question...


      I've been flowing in text to an ENORMOUS document. Now that I have it all layed out, Indesign is having a tough time packaging the document. I want to split the document in half ( roughly 300 pages each half) I just need to know how to close a text thread. I don't want to mess up the layout for the rest of the document once I delete the first 300 pages. Can you please give me some hints? Thanks so much!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's easy enough to split a thread, but I doubt that's the problem in packaging. What happens when you try? Are you getting any error messages?


          To split a thread, put your cursor after the last character you want to appear in the first half, the press Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) + Shift + End to select from there to the end of the story and cut to the clipboard. With the selection tool click the outport of the frame with the last bit of text and then click inside the frame to break the link to the next frame. Now put your cursor in the blank frame that used to be threaded to the first half and paste.


          Note that the first line of the text in the new story is considered a new paragraph, even if you broke the story in mid-paragraph from your perspective. That means it will have an indent, if the style calls for one, and bullets and numbering may be altered.

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            kimberlyw83739117 Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback! I tried it out...and it worked. thanks so much. I feel like its such a large document that the packaging was having issues. I should have built in 2 halves. Hindsight of course. Have a great night!