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    re-activate develop module on LR


      This is the conversation I have just had with Adobe LR Customer Service - not too pleased but she/he has passed me to you


      TP_ShivamSharma: Could you please help me with your lightroom serial number?

      Charleen Ratcliff: <serial number removed>

      TP_ShivamSharma: Please allow me a moment while I check with my resources for possible solution.

      Charleen Ratcliff: ok What I can tell you is that the serial # I gave you is for the product I purchased separately (at PC World)....

      TP_ShivamSharma: No worries Charleen, Sure I can help you with this.

      Charleen Ratcliff: I then tried / bought PS+LR but couldn't use PS so I was refunded for the entire package. I re-installed MY copy of LR, entered the serial number....has been working fine until today when I got the message 'develop mode disabled...buy another license'

      TP_ShivamSharma: I will be giving you the new and latest download link for lightroom

      TP_ShivamSharma: please download it and install it again.

      Charleen Ratcliff: what is going to happen to all my catalogues and presets????

      TP_ShivamSharma: it will be there, once you will install lightroom it will be automatically added to your library

      Charleen Ratcliff: and what about the LR I have currently installed?

      TP_ShivamSharma: Simply uniinstall it.

      TP_ShivamSharma: On which operating system are you using lightroom?

      Charleen Ratcliff: can you not just push a button and reactivate my LR instead of my having to do all this...Again!!!!???

      Charleen Ratcliff: Windows 8

      TP_ShivamSharma: I am afraid to say we do not have any option like that, If you do not want to go ahead no issue

      TP_ShivamSharma: you can visit our adobe forum, where experts will help you.

      TP_ShivamSharma: https://forums.adobe.com/welcome

      Charleen Ratcliff: I have paid for it, it is my primary PP program so I need it and do NOT want to have to go thru this every couple of months

      Charleen Ratcliff: are you still there?

      TP_ShivamSharma: I do understand your concern, that's why I am guiding you to the right direction. please visit our adobe forum in order to how to re activate your develop module.

      Charleen Ratcliff: so you are saying you cannot help me yes???

      TP_ShivamSharma: we can help you, but we have different channel to support your issue, as your concern is how to re activate the develop module in lightroom, for that you need to visit our forum.

      Charleen Ratcliff: right, thank you

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All the information that you were given is correct. You purchased Lightroom as a standalone product, but somewhere along the line you have installed the creative cloud installation. It cannot be activated with the serial number because the creative cloud installation doesn't rely on the serial number. It is dependent upon your Adobe ID and password. The only solution to the problem you are facing is to uninstall Lightroom and then installed from this  website:

          Product updates

          Performing this uninstall/reinstall will have no impact whatsoever on the work you have done. Your catalog and associated Lightroom files will remain, as will all your images. Simply go through the process outlined. When you are finished you will still have a Lightroom icon on your desktop. All of you will have to do is double-click on that icon and go back to work. You'll find that your develop module will no longer be disabled.


          Unfortunately this is a problem that is very common. It's very easy to locate and download the creative cloud version of Lightroom, but it's not so easy to locate the standalone updates.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You should never post your serial number on a public forum. 


            It seems to me that the Adobe CS rep could have given you the link to the Product Updates as Jim did but I think they’re not allowed to help on non-Cloud products or maybe just don’t want to be tied up in a chat for however long it takes for you to download and install LR.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It seems to me that if Adobe isn't going to allow CS reps to support non-cloud products then those products shouldn't be offered. But I suspect you're right.