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    Google-like pies

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      Does anyone knows how i can make google like pie charts that arent static, i
      mean, to be dynamic - like the ones on google, to change depending on data.
      Since i know how to draw them freehand, now i dont know how to make them :)
      Anything: hint, help, something-like tutorial would of great use?


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          louis antoine
          You certainly want to do a dynamic figure.
          And you want that figure to be a circle.
          here a code that i found on the net that explain you how to draw a circle.
          From there you can figure out how to sclice your "pie"


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            There is a Google Analytics service which displays information via charts.
            There are two types of charts: 1. bar and 2. pie.

            Pie charts are just... regular MS Office pie charts. They are data
            represented in graphicly pie-like form, where each slice represents a
            certain group of data with certain characteristics.

            Google Analytics's pie charts are pretty advanced at graphicly presenting
            sorted data in 3-d like style: they're dynamic, and pretty much interactive:
            you can click on a slice an it comes out in a small but pretty neat
            animation. I havent seen anything lie that done in flash (besides the
            google), mostly because theyre in a isometric 3d-like position.

            I was wondering, can someone give me a guide, tutorial or a hint how to make